Super Industry

Super-industrial optical modules can be widely used in various digital optical communication systems, such as fiber channel, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, switches, etc. Super-industrial optical module is an optical module that can be used in a harsh high temperature difference (working temperature is -45℃~95℃) environment. It has the advantages of strong durability and adaptability. Generally used in conjunction with industrial Ethernet switches, it is used in industrial and factory automation, railway and intelligent transportation systems (ITS), power facility substations, marine, oil and gas, mining and other industries. Optical provides SFP for optical communication. Series 1G-10G ultra-industrial-grade modules to meet the different needs of customers.

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Product Advantages

  • Various products

    Opway provides a broadest range of productsfrom 155M to 400G different packages and reaches, which can meet the needs ofvarious products for customers.

  • Wide usage

    The products are widely used in the datacenter, cloud computing, 5G communication network, telecommunicationtransmission network to provide the a stable foundation for big data storageand exchange and high quality communication.

  • Good compatibility

    The products are fully developed andcustomized according to industry standard, compatible with all currentmainstream brands of equipment. Plug and play, it truly achieves the perfectcooperation with the equipment, and eliminates the customer’s worries.

  • High reliability

    Various potential risks are fullyconsidered at the beginning of the products design. The most strict tests arecarried out at EVT, DVT and PVT stages to ensure the high reliability of theproduct in a variety of complex working environments.