Opway with new products to participate in 2023OFC successfully


From March 7 to 9, 2023, the 48th American Optic Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition(OFC) was successfully held in San Diego, California, USA. Among them, 100G BIDI series products from Opway are favored by customers.


With the explosive growth of bandwidth demand in optical communication, the low-cost QSFP28 100G BIDI single-wave optical module has attracted more customers' attention. Especially in the process of upgrading from 100G network to 400G network, the use of 100G BIDI single-wave optical module can make the network upgrade more convenient, minimize the use of optical fibers and reduce the cost of engineering wiring, so that carriers can flexibly upgrade the data center network. According to Lightcounting, the market demand for QSFP28 100G BIDI single-wave optical modules will reach 3 million pcs per year by 2025.



The 100G BIDI single-wave series products from Opway adopt PAM4 technology. The electrical interface is fully compatible with the existing 100G network device interface. The optical interface is directly connected with one optical fiber, saving 50% of optical fiber resources. The 100G QSFP28 LR1/ER1L BIDI optical module is the best choice for the next generation 100G network, and can directly interwork with the 4x100G PAM4 400G module, further improving link capacity and networking flexibility. The 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 and ER1L have become cost-effective alternatives to LR4 and ER4 Lite for long-distance 100G transmission, and Opway now offer customers a full range of high-quality 100G QSFP28 BIDI products.


1)QSFP28 package, single LC connector, support 106.25Gbit/s data rate

2)Maximum link up to10Km(single mode fiber)

3)Single channel cooled 1270/1330nm EML transmitter

4)Single channel PIN receiver

5)Low cost air-tight packaging optical device

6)Ultra-low power consumption4.0Waverage 4.5W

7)TDECQ2.5dB(Protocol requirement3.4dB)

8)OMA sensitivity-7.1dBm(Protocol requirement-6.1dBm)


1)QSFP28 package, single LC connector, support 106.25Gbit/s data rate

2)Maximum link up to 40KM(single mode fiber)

       3)Single channel cooled 1304/1309nm EML transmitter

4)Single channel APD receiver

5)Low cost air-tight packaging optical device

6)Ultra-low power consumption4.0Waverage 4.5W

7)TDECQ3.4dB(Protocol requirement3.4dB)

8)OMA sensitivity-15dBm(Protocol requirement-14dBm)


100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 and 100G QSFP28 BIDI ER1L from Opway have been successfully applied in a number of domestic data center projects, of which 100G QSFP28 BIDI ER1L is more suitable for medium and long distance transmission, can be widely used in data center network, enterprise park network and backhaul network in 5G. 100G BIDI single wave products have the following advantages:

1.The transmitter and receiver only use one optical chip each, the product design is more simple, the transmitter uses BOX air-tight package, better heat dissipating performance, the receiver uses more simple traditional TO air-tight package, the built-in DSP chip integrates end-to-end KP4-FEC, improve transmission performance.

2.The 100G QSFP28 BIDI optical module based on QSFP28 package can be fully compatible with the existing switch interface. The 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1/ER1L optical module can directly interconnect with the 400G 4x100G PAM4 optical module, further improving the flexibility of networking.

3.Flexible upgrade of 100G to 400G services lays the foundation for smooth upgrade of 400G(4 x 100G) Ethernet.

4.The self-made BOX air-tight device has excellent heat dissipation performance and low power consumption, supporting industrial grade temperature range requirements.

Relying on its own strong independent innovation and research and development technology strength, Opway focuses on the field of optical modules, and continuously provides customers with better products and services. Facing the market demand of the development of optical communication industry, it creates more excellent products to meet customer requirements.

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