Shenzhen Opway announced that the 200G SR4 optical module has entered the mass production stage


At present, the data center is in the stage of upgrading from 100G to 400G, and 200G is between 100G and 400G. With its cost-effective advantage, it is suitable for flexible upgrade needs of different customers. Shenzhen Opway launched the 200G SR4 optical module timely, and announced that its 200G SR4 optical module officially entered the mass production stage.


For 200G SR4 optical module, Shenzhen Opway adopts QSFP56 package, 4-channel 53Gb/s PAM4 850nm VCSEL transmitter and PIN receiver, built-in CDR chip for transmit channel and receive channel, and consumes less than 5W. Under the premise of enabling FEC in the system, the transmission distance through OM3 multimode fiber can reach up to 70m, and the transmission distance through OM4 or OM5 multimode fiber can reach up to 100m. It is very suitable for high-density, low-cost, low-power consumption in data centers need.

200G SR4 product is fully comply with QSFP56 MSA and IEEE 802.3cd 200GBASE-SR4 Ethernet standards. With excellent eye diagram performance, the product is mainly used in 200G Ethernet and data centers.


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