Set sail 丨 2020 annual outstanding team and outstanding staff award ceremony


Law is back to Chunhui gradually, Vientiane begins to update. On January 30, 2021, Guangwei Optical Communications held the "2020 Outstanding Team and Outstanding Employee Award Ceremony" in the company., General Manager Ma, President Hu, Guangwei, the management team and all employees attended the event together.

The breeze and the moon reflect the saddle,The talented heroes gather in the hall. In the extraordinary2020year,Facing the challenge of the epidemic and the ups and downs of the market,all for allpersonnelto help each other, ride the wind and waves, and achieve outstanding results. It is inseparable from the correct leadership of the company’s management and the hard work of the employees. In the past year, Guangwei has emerged as a group of outstanding teams and wise and hardworking individuals. In order to commend the advanced and set a good example, this awards ceremony set up a total of outstanding team awards, outstanding staff awards, outstanding middle-level awards andWin the Same Boat AwardFour awards are awarded to teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the company, and rewards are given.

First of all, the outstanding team awards will be awarded by the senior leaders. The winning teams include the Finance Department, OP486 Project Team, Production Delivery Team and Quality Inspection Team.

Outstanding team awards, the development of an enterprise is inseparable from the concerted efforts of the team. Unity is the boat, cooperation is the paddle, and the combination of boat and paddle can carry the company sailing. Then, the leader announced the list of outstanding staff awards for us and gave the award.


On the road of struggle, they sweat; on the way to dream, they persist in hard work. Through hardships and frustrations, they have demonstrated their personal strength with practical actions.

Next, the leader announced and awarded the outstanding middle-level awards.Middle-level management is the backbone of an enterprise, a bridge for communication between the organization, and the foundation for the development and growth of the organization.

In the end, the leader presented awards to the people who won the "same boat award", and they are well-deserved. The company has such a group of people, who are witnesses of the company's struggle and development process, but also participants and builders. They have been moving forward for several years and never forget the original intention.

The applause at the scene is not only the affirmation and cheering for the winners, but also the motivation and spur to ourselves. Follow the example of the winners to encourage ourselves to forge ahead, and make better achievements. The 2020 annual awards ceremony ended successfully in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. In the new year, let us set sail with honor, pursue the light and build dreams, and create brilliance again! ;

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